понеделник, 10 август 2009 г.

I forget!


It have been so long, that I didn't write here, that in the end, I forget where exactly I put my blog!
Really! I forget the domain that I put my block on! I forget the name, the links..everything!

It was one night, that I was really eager to write and guess what- I thought about my blog!
Ok! I am going to write in my blog..but what was the name of my blog? And where did I put it!?

Today I discover, the big secret. I put it right here..
It was right here all the time, but only today, I discover it.

And so-I am writing now. Great!

I am preparing myself to go to University. It will be a shock. It wil be a new experience. It will be..Life. Raw, scary, big and..University! This is what it is.

Listen to this, to get some insperation, before going to bed.
The best Ever I listen so far, from this website! Seriously!


Speech Debelle - "Bad Boy" (Speech Therapy) -LOL!

вторник, 14 април 2009 г.

It's almost time

Остават броени дни, до заминаването ми, за Анкара.
Още от вчера, понеделник, чуствам, как дните ще се изнижат ей така и вече си се представям как летя.
Има още куп неща да се свършат преди това, а аз даже незнам, откъде да почна.
Освен, подмяна на летния гардероб, трябва да правя и подмяна, вътре в себе си.

Моята year off, почти приключи. Почти 8 месеца, прекарах, живеейки в Хасково. Това е доста време, както и да го погледнем.
Обръщайки се назад, мога да кажа, че можеше много повече неща да свърша, много повече да науча, от това, което постигнах. Но бързах, нещата да се изнижат, year off-a, да свърши и да поема по пътя на учението abroad.
Е, това е на път да стане, а с толкова много пришпорване, май съм задвижил твърде бързо нещата. В момента опитвам да забавя темповете, да наваксам в field-овете, където не съм толкова добър, но времето не чака.
Вече чуствам как се рея, между облаците и как самолета се приземява. Не ми остава никакво време. Толкова енерция съм насъбрал от преди, да тръгна, да замина, че не мога да я спра в момента, даже и да ми се иска.
Чуствам с каква огромна скорост, събитията минават. Ще кажа Чао, на хората, които бяха до мен, тези месеци. Ще мина още веднъж, по познатите ми улици на града. Ще погледна назад, за да видя, какво ще оставя в Хасково.

Надявам се, престоя ми, abroad, да е положителен. Ben казва, че даже и да е отрицателен или да не ми допадне толкова, пак ще е experience. Ще помъдрея, ще има growing up.
Вече летя..
Няма нужда от стягане на багаж, тъй като той е винаги стегнат. Винаги готов, да тръгна.
А когато опцията ми се дава, да замина, се чудя как да забавя събитието и къде да разопаковам нещата.
Може би е страх от неизвестното. Може би съм свикнал вече с нещата, около мен, тук в Хасково, и не искам да се променят.
Но връщане няма. А времето тече страшно бързо..

неделя, 15 март 2009 г.

Saying that you are right about everything does make you automatically wrong!

It is it, not cool? Saying that you are right about everything does make you automatically wrong.
It's long, smart..and it's cooL!

Great speeches

Today, at Ben place, we watched, the movie The Great Debaters.
What I learn from the movie
-The greatest speaches, are won, not by the strongest argument, but the most Emotional and dramatic example.
-Always refer to God and the Bible. The audience and jury like that, because they will think you are righteousness.
-Black people make great emotional speeches. Specially when they speak, how mistreated the black people are.
-Have a black coach. He will inspire you, with emotional speeches and quotes from poets and history.
-Little boys, don't get hot girls.
-Black people love to dance
-Does saying too much "black people" make you a rasist?

Social Issue

I have to write about a social issue, I am concern about.
You probably are going to say-'Good! You can speak out your mind'. Yes..but No.

I dislike so many things, I see everyday, but I am so use to it, that I can't name them straight.
I don't like....and that is. A blind space. How can I say, I dislike so many things, but can't give a straight example? So, if I can't give a example, that means, I really don't dislike anything.
Everything is ok. Maybe that is my social issue- I am so use to problems, that I don't see them as a threat and can't name them particularly.
I have to figure out something for tommorow.
What is your social issue? Unfair parking tickets, high price of bloody everything, not enough social care for adults?

When I am finish and have it on paper my social issue, I am going to post it here.

It's time for change! Name the problem! Speak out!

..and don't get stuck-inspired like me -_-

понеделник, 23 февруари 2009 г.

3 days to go..and 100 click on this blog!

I start with the big news (for me). There are only 3 more days, that I am going to be at age 19. Can you imagine? Just after 3 days, I am changing numbers. I can't believe it. And I don't know if I want to believe it. But that is not important- time fly like something really fast, and there is no stoping of it. Just have to get fit to it, and accepted it. Three more days, 19. I am going to miss that age. It was fun, have great experience, and I think there is more to learn from it. But numbers change. Twenty, here I come! Hope for the best, time will show the rest.

One hundread clicks!!! On this blog! Yeaah...Even that most of the click on this blog, are from me, to check out, if someone leave a comment, still there are One hundread clicks!
Thanks to the people, who visit the blog, and hope, someday, will turn one thousand!

неделя, 15 февруари 2009 г.

14.02- Day of love, death, sickness, love-making and friendship

14.02. Many people associated the day, with Sv. Valentine. But it was not all, flowers, hearths and ballons. There were funeral too.
On that day, a 18 year old boy, die in a car accident. He was going to finish high school, and go maybe to university. His life was infront of him. But he pass away, in that car accident.
It make me very sad, and sick inside. I filled that day, that I am going to have a hearth atack. So many funeral around me, this months, that I am scared to think, who is going to be the next.
It shake my stability, of knowing, that people will exist for a long time, around me. But instead of this, I see more and more funerals. Young, old, there passing away, and it's really scary, because you know, that maybe someone around you, that you see every day, you may face his obituary.
The boy was too young..and it's really sad. So sad, that litarly make me puke in my bathroom. I was shaking and scared, that people are dying, and you can't do much about it.
Who is going to be the next one? Is it someone you know? Or have seen on the street? How you are going to react.
I still fill uncomfortable, with the thought that everyone are going to pass away and no security in life, is for ever. It's sad and scary..and suffocate my hearth.

I wish to write about the love-making, friendship..but I will leave this post, only to death. Don't wont to put, other topics.